Buying from us is simple. If you intend to bid in the room, we recommend you arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the sale to register. Registration is free by filling in a simple form and handing it to the cashier's office. you will then be given a bidding number. 

The fees in the room are hammer price, plus 18% This is inclusive of VAT. Bidding online the fee is 21.6% inclusive of VAT.  You can take your items away immediately once payment has been made or return to collect on Wednesday and Thursday following the sales.


Q. Can anyone turn up and bid?

A. Yes, the public and trade are all welcome but you must be over 18 to register to bid. 

Q. Does it cost anything to register?

A. No, registration is free in the room.

Q. Is there disabled access? 

A. Yes we have disabled access and a shared toilet.  

Q. Can I take my items straight away?

A. Yes, once paid you can take your items. 

Q. What is your returns policy? 

A. There are no returns, all items are second hand so by definition the customer agreement is sold as seen.